Bible Storage Case

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  • This will fit a Glock 19 Gen 5 for reference.
  • If you are not quite sure if your gun will fit in this case, the Gun Case Inside Dimensions Are As Follows:9.0" Length x 5.5" Width x 1.75" Thick, Weighs 13 Ounces. Please take the time to measure your firearmto insure that it fits.
  • This Premium Leather CCW and storage gun case can fit in a briefcase, backpack or similar sizedarticle or just put it under your arm and go. It includes a holster, magazine holder and YKK lockingzipper.
  • Great for storing on a bookshelf or in your favorite safe. All cases come with a lockable zipper and lockthat can help to keep honest people honest a little longer.
  • Take all responsible and necessary safety measures at all times when storing and using this case.Remember you are the only true safety for others. Follow all state and local laws. Always store unloaded.Not childproof.